1 minute read
2 Apr 2014
7:00 am

Healthcare hell is inexcusable

Many newspapers carried disturbing reports of how some of our public health facilities are not only collapsing but pose a health hazard to the very lives they are supposed to save.

Gauteng hospitals were described in one report as “killer hospitals” because of the number of “adverse” incidents, including neglect and sexual assault.

Apparently this crisis is replicated in other provinces, including Mpumalanga and Northern Cape, where some clinics are battling to get basic services such as running water.

Figures released by the DA in Gauteng paint a very scary picture of the state of the province’s hospitals.

In 2012 there were 373 serious events at the province’s hospitals, including patient suicide and mistakes by healthcare practitioners.

It is beyond outrageous that 20 years into our democracy there are still public health facilities that are still without basic services such as water.

This in a country whose government sees nothing wrong with spending more than R240 million on the private home of a politician.