Nokuthula Sonile
2 minute read
13 Mar 2014
9:00 am

Marriage – stay or go?

Nokuthula Sonile

US Singer Robin Thicke and his actress wife Paula Patton separated in February this year after reports that Thicke flirted and touched socialite Lana Scolaros's behind at a post-MTV Video Music Awards party in September 2013.

Thicke looks like he can flirt really well, and his music videos are quite an eyeful, which would make being married to him a mission for any woman.

All speculation aside, there are reports that Patton is leaning towards giving her husband a second chance.

The funny thing is that all of a sudden Thicke wants to save his marriage.

Where was that level of commitment before?

If she takes Thicke back he might really cheat, soon.

Where is the lesson in being forgiven then?

As much as I love being married, I think married people sometimes stay in marriages that are promising to be a disaster.

Thicke had the audacity to flirt with and touch another woman’s behind, allegedly a few steps away from where his wife was standing.

I find that there are things that couples overlook instead of seeing them as big warning flags for disaster.

If your lover or spouse values you and has a weakness for cheating or flirting, they will, out of fear you will leave, try and hide it.

When someone flirts and cheats and you find out and ignore it, you are obviously begging for serious heartbreak.

Some people cheat and their spouses don’t find out for years, because the secret is well kept.

I am not excusing cheating or suggesting that people should hide their secret rendezvous well; all I am saying is that if you are cheated on and you find out and still forgive, how do you know you are not still being taken for a ride?

It is up to each person how they handle being cheated on. If one of the two stray, it is a sign that something has gone stale and the relationship is not worth saving.

People who cheat will obviously find this article offensive because it shuts the door on them being forgiven for disrespecting their lovers or spouses and breaking their hearts.

If you want to try someone else, gracefully bow out of the relationship you are in.

There are so many infections and diseases, and not everyone out there uses protection.