Ngwako Modjadji
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16 Sep 2016
7:14 am

Oh Lord, give us rain!

Ngwako Modjadji

Surely, if the Modjadji had those supernatural powers she would have made rain a long time ago?

File Picture. Photo: Tracy Lee Stark

South Africa and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region in particular have no water as the region is located in a water-scarce area. So serious is the situation that government declared some provinces disaster areas.

But parts of the country, such as the poverty-stricken Limpopo, had their faith in the Rain Queen or Modjadji, renowned for her powers to bring rain to the more than four million populace in the province and the whole of South Africa. The legendary queen of the Balobedu people was recently officially recognised by President Jacob Zuma.

Even during dry seasons the Modjadji, who uses a magical horn to make rain, had dams and rivers filled up to their banks for centuries. Questions are now being asked why the Modjadji dynasty cannot bring the much-needed rain.

Next month, the Balobedu people will gather for their annual rainmaking ceremony. Let’s hope the grey sky will become pregnant with rain.

The Balobedu people in the villages still trek long distances under the scorching African sun to get water. Most have resorted to drilling boreholes. I am also planning to drill one. Surely, if the Modjadji had those supernatural powers she would have made rain a long time ago? The villages are dry and there is no sign it is going to rain anytime soon.

Some people have started to doubt these stories about the Modjadji’s ability to control the clouds and rainfall. They have gone as far as saying only God can make rain. Although I do not remember the last time I went to church, I do think God is the only one who can bring rain.

As the drought continues to cause havoc in the country, people from all walks of life have resorted to praying and asking the Almighty to bring rain.

If these people had faith in the Modjadji dynasty they would not be asking God to bring rain. But based on the many articles I have read about climate change, bizarre weather patterns and drought, man is largely to blame.

Let’s keep on praying for the rain. God is good all the time. Our prayers will be answered soon.

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