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11 Apr 2016
9:00 am

Cleric must learn gospel of politics

Politicians are, by nature, opportunistic.

FILE PICTURE: Thandi Modise. Picture: Neil McCartney

Gone are the days when brave and principled leaders like Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo and Walter Sisulu risked their lives with the sole aim of serving the people.

Nothing demonstrates politicians’ self-service more aptly than what transpired in parliament last week when people’s representatives betrayed their constituencies by endorsing theft of public resources denounced by the country’s highest court.

Another case of opportunism is illustrated by a North West politician and pastor who also served as former provincial premier Thandi Modise’s spokesperson. In a space of months, Neo Moepi has been a member of three political parties, the ANC, EFF and now the DA.

He claims he dumped Julius Malema’s party because of infighting. “As a pastor, I didn’t want to be associated with infighting, so I left,” he said. One crucial lesson this cleric still has to learn is that political parties are not places of worship, where there’s eternal harmony.

If he did his research properly, this serial defector would have known his new political home is not immune to internal squabbles. He should have just called Lindiwe Mazibuko.