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3 Mar 2016
9:00 am

Trump’s bigotry cannot succeed

President Barack Obama has done a great deal to repair United States' image.

Donald Trump. Picture: ThyBlackMan

True leaders are always cautious about what they utter in public. They know that stupid statements can have dire ramifications for their countries.

One demagogue who still has to grasp this is US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, whose country is already paying dearly for his mindless remarks.

Trump’s campaign has been racist and prejudicial from the beginning, manipulating in the process American people’s fears.

Trump’s rise to the front of the Republican pack is blamed for a spike in the number of migrants trying to enter the US who fear facing tighter policing and new policies if Trump wins in the November 8 polls.

Apparently, there has been a significant increase in the number of migrants who have been detained trying to cross the US-Mexico border between October and February – a 24% increase from last year.

Similarly there have also been reports of the rise of anti-US sentiment since Trump’s anti-immigrant campaign started.

The US is a major role player in world affairs whose credibility has taken a knock due to its imperialist policy.

President Barack Obama, with all his imperfections, has done a great deal to repair this image, including mending relations with a long-time foe Cuba.

He cannot be succeeded by a bigot.