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9 Mar 2015
1:18 pm

Zambian officials: president’s collapse not due to malaria


Officials in Zambia said further tests have shown that malaria was not the cause the president's collapse during a public ceremony over the weekend.

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A statement on Monday from the Zambian President Edgar Lungu’s assistant, Amos Chanda, said medical tests ruled out a full malaria infection.

Lungu was delivering a speech to commemorate International Women’s Day at Heroes Stadium in the capital Lusaka on Sunday when he felt ill. A statement following the incident said that a snap diagnosis had revealed malaria and fatigue.

Chanda said further tests had shown that the president’s blood sugar levels had dropped significantly, which lead to his collapse. The statement said Lungu has a history of a condition that narrows his esophagus, or food pipe, which led to his low sugar levels.

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