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4 Mar 2015
4:22 pm

Botswana boy killed by dogs


Botswana police are investigating the killing of a young boy by dogs, the privately owned Global Post reported on Wednesday.

Image courtesy stock.xchnge

Police received an anonymous call last Friday informing them that a 10-year-old boy’s body had been found. He appeared to have died from dog bites, Patrick Mbikiwa, the police station commander in Serowe, central Botswana, told the newspaper.

“We discovered that the tragic accident happened in the afternoon of Thursday, but the incident was only reported to us on Friday morning,” he was quoted as saying.

The boy had “serious injuries on his entire body”. The police suspected the boy trespassed onto a property to steal oranges when the dogs attacked him. The home owners were not home at the time.

Police were investigating the death.