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18 Nov 2014
5:30 pm

Woman’s attack sparks #MyDressMyChoice campaign (video)

Citizen Reporter

A video clip of a Kenyan woman being stripped naked by a group of men in Nairobi for allegedly being “scantily clad” has sparked the massive online campaign: #MyDressMyChoice.

A picture circulating on Twitter following the attack on the woman in Kenya. Pic:

Warning: Video not for sensitive viewers. Includes images of nudity and violence.

The video shows a woman in red being stripped naked by a group of men. It later emerged that the woman was being attacked because she was wearing a miniskirt.

It had been reported that the woman was later taken to hospital for treatment.

The #MyDressMyChoice hashtag went viral this week following the incident.

The social media protest aimed to petition the Kenyan government and police to act on violence against women.

On Monday, nearly a thousand people reportedly took to the streets of Nairobi to protest against continued attacks on women for allegedly wearing miniskirts or revealing clothing.

Instances of women being humiliated in public as a result of their clothing had been reported in Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

In December 2011, two teenagers were harassed and groped in public because one of them wore a miniskirt at the Noord Street taxi rank in central Johannesburg.

This after a representative of Canada’s Toronto police said in January 2011: “Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised”.

The infamous quote inspired global outrage, and resulted in the establishment of Slutwalk in Canada, which has since grown to include more than 100 cities around the world.

With #MyDressMyChoice trending on Twitter, users expressed their outrage on the social networking site: