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21 May 2019
9:54 am

Radical group threatens war on Sudan’s military council if Sharia law dropped


This warning comes on the heels of the continuing stalemate between the opposition and the TMC.

FILE - In this April 28, 2019, file photo, protesters chant against military rule and demand the prosecution of former officials, at the Armed Forces Square, in Khartoum, Sudan. The Sudanese protesters who succeeded in driving President Omar al-Bashir from power last month say their revolution won’t be complete until they have dismantled what many describe as an Islamist-dominated “deep state” that underpinned his 30-year rule. (AP Photo/Salih Basheer, File)

In an ominous sign for peace in Sudan, a radical group has threatened to wage war on the country’s Transitional Military Council (TMC) to defend the North African country’s Islamic legislation.

The warning follows statements released by Mohamed Al Gizouli, a leader of the radical Movement of the Support of Sharia and the Rule of Law who threatened to wage war on the transitional council in the event of handing over power to the opposition Freedom and Change forces, the Sudan Tribune reported.

This warning comes on the heels of the continuing stalemate between the opposition and the TMC over the composition of a new interim authority for Sudan with the former wanting a civilian majority and the latter wanting more control for the military.

On Tuesday, talks between Sudan’s ruling TMC and an alliance of protesters and opposition groups failed for the second day in a row to produce a breakthrough on the country’s political transition.

The TMC has further warned that it is also monitoring plans by unnamed parties to “destabilise security” in the country and that harsh action against these elements will be taken.

“There are parties that are plotting and planning to create chaos,” said Hamdan Daglo in his speech to his RSF brigade at the army barracks in Omdurman on Monday evening.

“We are ready for them and we will not compromise with the security and stability of the country,” stated Daglo.

The protesters, however, dismiss these allegations of alleged infiltrators as an old tactic and trick used by the former regime of ousted president Omar Al Bashir to divide the opposition and cling to power.

– African News Agency

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