Devlin Brown
2 minute read
17 Nov 2015
12:45 pm

VIDEO: ‘Washington is next’, says Islamic State

Devlin Brown

A video, which is unverified and purported to come from Islamic State, threatens an attack in Washington in the US.

International media have run reports about a video that was posted on various portals that have been known to be used by Islamic State (IS). The video, below, shows men dressed as fighters and apparently members of IS threatening to take on the US, issuing a clear warning about where they intend to strike next.

There has been no independent verification of the video, and it cannot be said that it is known with 100% certainty that this video is legitimate. That said, it does tend to tie in with analysts’ predictions of more attacks. The CIA’s John Brennan said: “I would anticipate this is not the only operation IS has in the pipeline.”

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night, killing more than 130 people across various sites.

The threats have not dampened French President Francois Hollande’s appetite for revenge, with the statesman pushing in both Houses of Parliament for an extension of the state of emergency and reportedly also looking for key changes to the constitution in the aftermath of the attacks, as well as more money to beef up security forces.

The video, which is reminiscent of the threats that were publicised by Al-Qaeda after the September 11 attacks, does not waste time on ideological preaching, and instead gets to the point.

“So we say to countries that are participating in the crusader campaign [against Islamic State], by God, you will have a day like that of France,” a fighter identified as Al-Karar al-Iraqi says on the video. “We swear by God’s command we will attack America in its heartland in Washington, God permitting, and God permitting, we will invade Rome.”

Italy, France, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands are among the countries that have participated in the US-led coalition fighting the militants of Islamic State. These strikes are separate from those carried out by the Russians.

See the video below. Warning: this is the video that is circulating and has not been verified.