VIDEO: students bully teacher

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

It is not often that you will see a teacher disrespected and treated this badly.

Bullying is often reported as an act committed against students by fellow students, but it is not often that one will see this kind of emotional, and physical, threats directed at a teacher. Or, at least, it isn’t filmed. People are very opinionated when it comes to discipline at school and there have been horrific incidents of corporal punishment and bullying that have gone public in South Africa.

A video has surfaced very recently of a school in the US. The origin of the video appears to be somewhere in Pennsylvania. However, what stands out most is the sheer disrespect and violence meted out in front of this teacher. The taunting and abuse is jaw-dropping.

How does a situation at a school spiral to this point? Is it unimaginable that this could happen in South Africa? Share your views below.

Warning: this video contains content that will be disturbing to sensitive viewers.

Bullying a teacher: disrespect taken to the next level.

Video source: liveleak


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