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28 May 2015
12:28 pm

VIDEO: Jackie Chan joins fight against rhino poaching

CNS Reporter

A 30 second video of Jackie Chan showing his support for the anti-rhino poaching campaign is being played on TVs at airports and shopping centres all over China, and now, the world.

Jackie Chan shows his support for the anti-rhino poaching campaign.

Chan’s message? “When the buying stops, the killing can too,” Zululand Observer reported.

Chan is one of the most famous celebrities to come out of China, and has been recruited along with a number of other A-list celebs and sport stars to raise awareness. “We are paying for the life of this beautiful creature,” Chan said.

Founder and current CEO of WildAid, Peter Knights, spoke at a press conference in South Africa on Wednesday, saying Asian people did not understand the rhino poaching problem.

“In Asia, until recently, people genuinely did not understand the poaching problem. They’re told: ‘The rhino dies and we pick up the horn’. In China they had not heard about the rhino crisis,” Knights said.

A WildAid advert for endangered rhino sees Prince William, David Beckham and former basketball player Yao Ming team up to give a message against the illegal trade of rhino horn.

The number of arrests for poaching in South Africa continue to climb, with 28 suspects arrested in April in the Kruger National Park.

SANParks spokesperson Rey Thakhuli said 62 people have been arrested so far this year in the KNP. There were 17 arrests announced countrywide in January and 120 rhino killed in Kruger National Park alone by March.

– Caxton News Service