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8 Nov 2016
12:17 pm

WATCH: Black lives don’t matter, only white

Citizen reporter

According to the white man, black lives do not start to matter just because black people are walking around saying they do.

Screengrab of the video on Twitter.

Trump, Trump all the way! Chanted a white man who seemed to have been angered by a black motorist who he claims put his family’s life in danger. In a video posted by American civil rights activist and writer Shaun King, the white man took his precious time to explain to a black motorist why black lives do not matter.

“The problem is you were right behind me, sped up and drove around me, drove in front of me and made me slam on my brakes, that makes you a nigger, that proves that black lives don’t matter,” says the white man.

He further told the motorist that black lives did not matter just because people say so. What mattered was something that made a difference, he said. In fact blacks are known for always having their pants down and doing nothing, giving an example of how the motorist taking a video of him had a social media account while he did not.

When the woman who was in the car started complaining about his behaviour, he slammed the door on her and told her “to be a woman” and let him handle the problem.

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He further gave the motorist a history lesson on blacks and slavery.

“Black people were bought on a contract and we got ripped off because y’all should have been returned when y’all proved that you couldn’t do anything.”

In fact, the white man even has a new definition of the word nigger. According to him, a nigger is someone who always has their pants down and put other people’s lives in danger on the streets and cut them off in traffic.

That someone does not matter, he told the motorist.

“Black lives don’t matter because black people walk around and say it. It don’t mean anything. I could walk around and say that Elvis is still alive, does that mean he’s still alive?” Further urging the motorist to prove that indeed black lives matter.

Watch the video below:

The video comes at a time when Americans are voting, with Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump going head-on in a battle for the White House. Trump, who this guy is a supporter of, has been accused of sexual abuse by several women, and has also called Mexicans rapists, making them niggas, according to this guy’s new definition.