Happy ending for abused Texas alligator

The captured alligator, who trashed a car in an attempt to escape, is very happy in his new forever home.

An alligator tried to escape from a closed vehicle by climbing through the boot of the car into the cab and towards the windscreen.  The alligator cracked the windscreen in his attempt to escape on the morning after he had been captured.

The owner of the car, Christy Kroboth, is part of wildlife conservationist group Gator Squad. When she returned to her car she had to wrestle the feisty alligator out of the vehicle.

Kroboth said that it was not uncommon to keep alligators in her car boot overnight if they were captured at night. However, this was the first time she had ever encountered a problem with an escapee.

The alligator has apparently been blinded in one eye and has holes in his back from being shot with a BB gun. The alligator was also severely underweight for his size.

According to CBS news, Kroboth said: “Someone was mean to this gator. Even though he beat up my car, we’re still going to be sweet to him. It’s not his fault he saw the light from the windshield and just tried to get out.”

According to the Gator Squad facebook page, Kroboth has named her new friend Buster and he appears to be very happy in his new forever home.

While this story may have a happy ending, May has not been a good month for animals in captivity when faced with human interference. Times Live reported on two lions that were shot after a naked man entered their enclosure in Chile. The man was thought to be suicidal and was badly mauled before the lions were shot. Head of the Santiago Zoo, Alejandra Montalva, said that the lions needed to be shot because tranquilizing darts would not have acted fast enough to save the man.

In a similar incident, Cincinatti Zoo saw massive outrage when a member of the zoo’s Dangerous Animal Response team shot a gorilla after a four-year-old boy fell into the gorilla enclosure. More than 2 600 outraged members of the public have signed a petition on Change.org to pass a law that provides consequences for killing an endangered animal due to the negligence of a zoo visitor. The petition states that the negligent party and or parties be held financially and criminally responsible for any harm and or loss to an animal, specifically when said animal is Critically Endangered.


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