UFOs over Middleburg: Military flares, lanterns or something extraterrestrial (VIDEO)

A cellphone picture of the strange lights seen near Middelburg.

A cellphone picture of the strange lights seen near Middelburg.

Video footage of strange lights over Middleburg, Mpumalanga have reignited the debate as to whether or not UFOs have visited the town.

Video material of the mysterious lights spotted around Middelburg and witnessed by staff at Kanonkop Spar provides insight into the incident that many have dismissed as “Chinese lanterns” or “military flares” at a nearby South African National Defence Force (SANDF) training facility.



The bright balls of light streaming through the skies were spotted at sunrise by Kanonkop Spar Staff but the video obtained was taken the night before at a farm about 10km outside Middelburg on the Loskop road.

Several attempts to confirm if any military exercises were conducted by the locally based 4SAI Battalion were unsuccessful this week.

The unit left just days after the incident to partake in Exercise Seboka – currently taking place with all arms of the defence force to evaluate the operational capability of the SANDF.

Preliminary exercises did take place before the battalion left for the Exercise Seboka but specific details – such as the use of flares – could not be independently confirmed.


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