Five killed in Egyptian, Namibia aircraft crashes

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“These are experts who have been in our industry for years.”

Three people were killed on Friday morning when the light Cessna Caravan aircraft they were travelling in crashed at the Hosea Kutako International Airport in the Namibian capital Windhoek.

The incident came a day after two Egyptian Air Force pilots were killed when the F-16 fighter aircraft they were flying burst into flames and crashed in a fireball on Thursday.

The “Namibian” newspaper quoted HKIA chief air traffic controller Ericsson Nengola who said the three deceased persons were long-standing employees at the airport.

Although he did not name the victims, he said they included a senior pilot and two cabin crew members.

“It’s a serious loss. These are experts who have been in our industry for years,” Nengola said.

Namibian Police Service spokesman DeputyCommissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi told the Namibian Press Association (Nampa) that the aircraft took off from Eros Airport, also in Windhoek, early on Friday and crashed on landing at Hosea Kutako International in Windhoek.

He said the police and aviation security officials would open investigations soon to establish the cause of the crash.

The accident came hours after the death of the two Egyptian Air Force pilots during the crash of a F-16 fighter jet in the province of Ismailia outside the capital Cairo on Thursday.

A statement from the defence ministry said the aircraft was on a training run when it burst into flames and came down over the Fayed Air Base.

Two weeks ago, there was panic abroad a Namibian airliner following a bird strike which ripped through the underside cabin of the Airbus A-319 as it came down for landing at Hosea Kutako International.

The aircraft was coming from the Angolan capital Luanda with 112 passengers on board when the accident happened. Engineers were flown from South Africa to fix the aircraft before it was re-certified as fit to fly.

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