SA to mend fences with Mozambique

South African parliamentary delegation leader, Dr Hunadi Mateme, speaks to The Citizen yesterday.Picture: Neil McCartney

Bilateral damage between South Africa and Mozambique caused by the recent xenophobic attacks seems on the verge of being repaired.

This became evident yesterday when South Africa said it wanted Eduardo Joaquim Mulémbwè from Mozambique to replace Bethel Amadi of Nigeria as Pan African Parliament (PAP) president.

The PAP, seated in Midrand, seeks to facilitate the effective implementation of the policies and objectives of the African Union (AU) across member countries, to promote the principles of human rights and democracy in Africa and to encourage good governance, transparency and accountability, among other things.

Relations between SA and Mozambique deteriorated when Mozambican Emmanuel Sithole was killed in Alexandra last month. South African parliamentary delegation leader Hunadi Mateme yesterday made it clear that South Africa was behind Mozambique’s candidate.


FILE PICTURE: Mozambican national Emmanuel Sithole who was murdered in Alexandra by alleged xenophobic attackers. Picture: Sunday Times twitter

“We feel that Mozambique has a good president,” said Mateme, adding that it would be “unfortunate” if Mulémbwè did not become the PAP president.

“The situation we are in, according to the rotation, it was supposed to be the Northern African region electing its president,” said Mateme.

“They indicated that their state of readiness is not what it should have been.”

Meanwhile, Thabo Mbeki, the former president of South Africa, is expected to present the AU with a report on “illicit” financial flows out of Africa tomorrow.

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