Two rhino poached in Namibia

FILE PICTURE: A male rhino. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

FILE PICTURE: A male rhino. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

A black rhino and her calf have been killed by poachers in the remote Damaraland area of north-western Namibia, bringing the number of rhino poached this year to 24, police said on Monday.

“The carcass belonged to a black rhino cow that has been dehorned last month by the wildlife authorities, and the poachers removed the remaining horn stumps from the carcass and even the little horn stumps from the calf,” detective chief inspector Barry de Klerk, who heads the protected resources unit, told a Sapa correspondent.

“The rhino cow and the calf were found on 21 December during a routine patrol of the Save The Rhino Trust. Both animals had been shot dead. The carcasses were three or four days old.”

In the last two months three poached rhino with their horns removed were found in Namibia’s world-famous Etosha National Park.

The government has deployed soldiers and police to help nature conservation officers patrol remote areas where black rhino and elephants roam.

To date 24 rhino were poached this year in Namibia, most of them black rhino and in the north-western areas.

A nearby lodge manager has collected funds to rent a private helicopter to help conduct daily patrols.

“Keeping the helicopter in the air costs 8500 Namibian dollars per hour, an expensive exercise,” said Fritz Schenk, manager of Palmwag Lodge.


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