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Zambia making innovative and technological advancements

AFP/File / Issouf Sanogo<br />

AFP/File / Issouf Sanogo

The country’s government is promoting the establishment of economic zones, industrial parks and innovation hubs.

Zambia is making significant strides in innovation and technology, according to the Zambian Minister of Gender, Victoria Kalima.

Kalima said technology and innovation, if well-harnessed, were the keys to improving standards of living to the citizenry in a competitive world, the Lusaka Times reported on Wednesday.

She explained that technology and innovation enhanced economic efficiency and optimised the contribution of Zambians towards economic growth and poverty reduction.

The minister made her comments during a ministerial side event at the 61st session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) which opened in New York on Tuesday.

“Technology changing the world of work: how can technology and innovation be harnessed to accelerate women’s economic empowerment?” was the theme of the ministerial side event.

Exchange of experiences, lessons learned and good practices on women’s empowerment, and its link to sustainable development, were also issues discussed at the ministerial round table.

Kalima added that the Zambian government had incorporated gender empowerment plans into the Ministry of Science Technology and Vocation for the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goal number four which focused on ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education.

Encouraging female participation in technology and innovation, the minister explained, would promote lifelong learning while eliminating gender parity in education.

The establishment of one-stop business registration centres would also encourage more women to involve themselves in business.

Furthermore, the government was promoting the establishment of economic zones, industrial parks and innovation hubs to increase its capacity to meet the empowerment demands of women and youth in Zambia.

She also cited several regulatory frameworks, including the issuance of business licenses and permits, as preliminary steps to cutting administrative bureaucracy.

– African News Agency (ANA)

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