Mozambique govt bans ‘racist’ SA manager

Mozamibican flag in wind. PHOTO: Thinkstock.

Mozamibican flag in wind. PHOTO: Thinkstock.

De Waal’s company says he has been suspended pending an investigation into his alleged ill-treatment of Mozambican workers.

A South African manager has been banned from Mozambique by the country’s Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Vitoria Dias Diogo for alleged ill-treatment and racism towards Mozambican workers.

De Waal, whose ban will take immediate effect, was a general trainer in Maputo Province for the Capital Outsourcing Group, a South African-based company.

Tim Smeeton, Managing Executive of Capital Outsourcing Group, said the expulsion order was signed on Friday, February 26, 2016, by Diogo, and declared De Waal an undesirable person, which Capital said took them by surprise.

A Monday press release from the Mozambique Labour Ministry said De Waal allegedly humiliated Mozambican workers and addressed them as “pretos”, a Portuguese word that can be used derogatively against black people, instead of their names, All Africa reported.

The website further reported the South African man said white people came to work in Mozambique because they were intelligent, unlike black people, whom he allegedly called “lazy”.

Capital announced in a statement they have suspended De Waal pending an investigation into allegations, which further include derogatory comments made about government officials.

“We will cooperate with the authorities in Mozambique in our investigation and if he is found guilty we will take strong, appropriate action against him,” Smeeton said.

He added: “We do not condone offensive behaviour. We abhor all forms of racism, discrimination, hate speech or violence. Encouraging diversity and inclusion is part of our values, moral code and ethics. We take this matter very seriously,”

The company describes itself as “a well-established company operating across Africa” that is “pro to helping develop skills on the continent, in which we are deeply embedded, being particularly proud of our achievements in training Mozambicans across the country”.


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