Dry spell looms

Hot weather: Gauteng temperature higher than 32 degrees expected.

After the wet weather in several parts of the country over the past few days, people can expect a brief dry spell, the South African Weather Service said on Thursday. Forecaster Kholofelo Mahlangu said no rainfall was expected in Gauteng from today until late on Sunday, when there are likely to be isolated thunderstorms.

“These thunderstorms are expected to last until early next week,” said Mahlangu. In the Free State, one of five provinces declared drought disaster areas, only the central region was expected to get a minimal amount of rain, which was expected to spread towards the eastern and western parts by Saturday.

Residents in North West, another drought-affected province, could expect some showers over the western areas today. However, dry conditions were expected in the entire province on Saturday. Similar conditions were also expected in Limpopo province.

“In KwaZulu-Natal, residents can expect isolated showers and thundershowers on Friday. The rainfall will be limited to the extreme western parts of the province tomorrow,” Mahlangu said. An alert has been issued for dry conditions, resulting in extreme heat, in parts of the Western Cape. Daytime temperatures in Gauteng were expected to range between 32°C and 34°C.

Mahlangu stressed a heatwave was not expected. He added: “The criteria for a heatwave varies in various parts of the country. “For instance, if maximums in the Karoo stay on the 37°C mark for three consecutive days and beyond, that’s when we say the conditions meet the criteria for a heatwave.” In Gauteng, the highest temperature expected in Pretoria is 35°C, 32°C for Johannesburg and 33°C in Vereeniging.

Meanwhile, Johannesburg Water said yesterday reservoir levels across the city were satisfactory. Level two water restrictions, which state residents should not water or irrigate gardens between 6am and 6pm, nor wash cars and paved areas with hosepipes, are still in place.

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