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11 Feb 2016
2:31 pm

Donald Duck had good relationships with mothers of his children


“Yes I didn’t stab her we were fighting for the knife."-Sebolai

Murder-accused Jozi FM DJ, Donald Sebolai appeared briefly at the High Court sitting at Palm Ridge Magistrates Court, 11 May 2015. Picture Neil McCartney

The Johannesburg High Court sitting at the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court on Thursday heard how the DJ had other romantic liaisons with different women before he met Tshabalala, whom he stabbed in the lower abdomen and left for dead in her Soweto flat two years ago.

The relationships Sebolai had with women came under the spotlight during his sentencing. He was found guilty of Tshabalala’s murder in October. In mitigation, the former Jozi FM commuity radio presenter has told the court that he was not a “violent person”.

A view with the mothers of his two children shared. Psychologist Siphumelele Mbatha, who had interiewed the women said they both said they had good relationships with Sebolai and that their relationships with him only ended because they lived far apart.

“The mother of the third child couldn’t be reached because the accused didnt have her details,” Mbatha said.

It was also reported that Sebolai’s family had not met his third child. The accused had only seen pictures of the child via his cell phone, but former radio presenter maintained that the he had a good relationship with the child’s mother.

On Wednesday Judge Cassim Moosa asked Sebolai if he was still denying that he had stabbed Tshabalala.

“Yes I didn’t stab her we were fighting for the knife,” replied Sebolai.
Moosa asked Sebolai if he was sticking to his version that Tshabalala stabbed herself. “That is correct,” responded Sebolai.