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20 Jan 2016
3:51 pm

Oxford vote Rhodes statue must fall

Citizen reporter

“We’ve gone from being laughed at and now the Oxford Union is voting in our favour."

FILE PICTURE: Students attack the defaced statue of British mining magnate and politician, Cecil John Rhodes, as it is removed by a crane from its position at the University of Cape Town on April 9, 2015, in Cape Town. Black students celebrated the fall of a statue of the British colonialist at the university as some white groups protested what they see as threats to their heritage. Cheers went up as a crane removed the huge bronze statue from its plinth at South Africa's oldest university after a month of student demonstrations against a perceived symbol of historical white oppression. AFP PHOTO / RODGER BOSCH

The Statue of Cecil John Rhodes must fall, students at the Oxford Union voted during a debate on Tuesday.

According to report on EWN, organisers of the ‘Rhodes Must Fall’ movement at Oxford have been campaigning for the removal of the statue from Oriel College in the United Kingdom.

It is an extension of a similar campaign that resulted in the University of Cape Town removing a statue of Rhodes from its prominent position on the institution’s main campus last year.

Oxford student and activist Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh says the movement has secured a symbolic victory.

“We’ve gone from being laughed at and told that this is an impossible dream to the college where the statue is housed now saying they’re taking it seriously and now the Oxford Union voting in our favour.”

He says removing the statue is a realistic goal.