Van Rooyen – ‘I never signed any deals’

The former finance minister, who held the post for four days, says he never got the chance to sign off anything.

Erstwhile Finance Minister Des van Rooyen on Tuesday denied signing off on any deals in his barely four-day stint at the helm of the country’s finances.

“No deals have been signed,” was Van Rooyen’s terse response to a question during a media briefing on whether he was asked to sign off on changes to a deal that would have allowed South African Airways to amend its plane-leasing contract with Airbus.

Van Rooyen said very little about his time as finance minister, which was marred by turmoil in the financial markets.

“My interests for now and I want to urge all South Africans that our interests should be on focussing on the future. If possible, let’s avoid being stuck in the past,” was all he was prepared to say about questions to his competence.

“Nevertheless, I must indicate as a humble servant of the glorious movement called the African National Congress from an early age of 16 years, I’m ready to be deployed anywhere, at any time by this movement, even if it’s for two hours, even if it’s four days …”

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