Poet’s grandson linked to killing

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Police are searching for a suspect said to be Don Mattera’s grandson.

Police have a launched a manhunt for the grandson of veteran poet and writer Don Mattera believed to have been linked to a murder in Newclare. Liam Goodman is accused of the murder of Shannon Sampson, 30. It is alleged the incident happened in broad daylight in Newclare, west of Johannesburg, on November 10.

The motive for the killing and relationship between the suspect and the victim are unknown. A family member who refused to be named claims the suspect shot the victim at close range four times. “But three bullets hit him, ripping his insides apart. Witnesses are scared to come forward, nothing much has been done because he is the grandson of high-profile writer.”

Police spokesperson Captain Phillemon Khorombi said the suspect was still on the run. It is suspected he is still armed. “We are not investigating the case, it has been transferred to the specialised unit in Johannesburg Central and we are appealing to anyone with information to contact the investigating officer.” The deceased’s family member said the suspect was last seen at two different blocks of flats in Eldorado Park extension two.

The deceased was unemployed and left behind a four-year-old son and two-year-old daughter. “We are still in shock, and still have not processed he will not be coming back or rather that we will never see him again. We still do not know how to explain it to his children or to his nephews. It really is a tragedy and one that we as a family are working through by finding comfort in memories and in each other,” a family member said. Though he was unemployed, the member said the deceased was hoping to get a job so he could take care of his children, girlfriend and his mother. “He always came from a place of love and truly embraced who he was and that is what made him so genuine and sensitive. He embraced his feelings and was truly connected with everyone,” said a family member.

“The community has been just as shocked by his passing, he stayed in Westbury his whole life and has always been a support system and friend for many. He meant the world to me, he was really my little brother, I’ll miss him dearly. We were best friends.” Khorombi said anyone with information about the suspect’s whereabouts can contact detective warrant officer Mario Jones on 076-410-9543

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