Cops ‘execute’ suspect (video): your views?

Khulekani Mpanza was executed by police as seen on CCTV. In this Talking Point, we probe your view

The Sunday Times ran a story on police killing a suspect in Krugersdrop. The headline read “Executed”. The CCTV footage shows policemen shoot and kill a suspect, Khulekani Mpanza, that appeared to be defenceless and unarmed at that stage.

If this incident was not caught on CCTV, what would have happened? We all know the police are under fire daily, but what happened in Krugersdorp is nothing short of disturbing. What are your views on the incident? Is police brutality out of control and did they execute Mpanza? Or do you think this was probably once-off?

Here is the video of the incident. Warning, this is graphic content and not suitable for sensitive viewers.

Video courtesy of Krugersdorp News.






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