CNS Reportetr/Riaan van Zyl
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17 Jul 2015
1:16 pm

Criminals poison dog to get to motorcycles

CNS Reportetr/Riaan van Zyl

A three-month-old dog has died after it was allegedly poisoned by suspected house robbers during an attempted house robbery in Roodepoort, on the West Rand.

The meat that was laced with organophosphate poison in the KZN case. Pic: Southlands Sun

Piet Combrinck said a water pipe burst at his house on Tuesday night. He closed off the supply. When he woke at about 4.20am on Wednesday morning, he went outside to open the water supply again in order to take a shower. He went back in and while busy inside, heard his dog bark ferociously but knowing a cat sometimes comes into the yard assumed this was the case, Roodepoort Record reported.

His dog kept barking in a corner of the yard by his caravan. Later he went to his garage in order to pull out his motorcycle. He found his garage door’s lock was tampered with to such an extent he could not open it.

“I then realised my dog was quiet. I called to her and she did not come. When I went looking for her I found her dead behind the caravan foaming at the mouth,” said Combrinck.

“The fact that they tried to break open the garage door also makes me suspect they were after the motorcycles,” added Combrinck.

Combrinck asked the community of Witpoortjie to be extra vigilant as far as their dogs are concerned and to also take extra precaution with the safety of their vehicles.

This after two dogs were poisoned with bits of raw meat covered in blue granules in the Warner Beach and St Winifreds area, KwaZulu-Natal, on Monday, Southlands Sun reported.

The owner, who did not wish to be named in fear of his two dogs’ safety, said the meat must have been thrown over his wall sometime during the day.

“When we got home after 5pm, we saw there was something wrong with our dogs. The small one was badly affected. The dogs were rushed to the vet and he confirmed it was organophosphate poisoning.

“The small one was left overnight at the vet to recoup, but our bigger dog was treated and we took him home. It was terrible,” said the owner.

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