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Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

The HRMx website, created by Dr Kevin Michael, allows for online confidential consultation with experts in cardiology, and it serves as a comprehensive resource for both patients and health care professionals.

A former Arena Park Secondary pupil and now a world-renowned doctor is making waves in the field of cardiac electrophysiology, which is the science of elucidating, diagnosing and treating the electrical activities of the heart, Rising Sun Chatsworth reported.

Founder of the Heart Rhythm Management Clinic, Dr Kevin Michael, who now lives in Canada, has brought his comprehensive electrophysiology service to the KwaZulu-Natal region when he opened the clinic in Life Westville Hospital, travelling every three months to South Africa to ensure optimal results in his Durban patients.

The passionate doctor said: “Finding the root of certain heart conditions became my passion after an incident I witnessed while I was younger. Through the dedicated research I conducted, coupled with my interest in cardiac electrophysiology, I have established a cardiac electrophysiology biomedical laboratory to advance experimental research and development in this field at Queen`s University. I believe that people do not have to live with certain ailments where symptoms of particular conditions can be eradicated with proper diagnosis and treatment.”

The avid hiker, who is also a fast-car fanatic and enjoys playing the guitar and piano in his spare time, also has clinically applied research interests and has published book chapters pertaining to innovations in cardiac treatment.

Michael’s parents, Derek and Kantha, who reside in Elysium Place in Arena Park, said they were extremely proud of their son for his dedication in bringing technology to the people of Chatsworth and the greater Durban area.

The proud dad said: “My son has been extremely passionate about what he does from the start, and due to his determination and perseverance, was able to do his job diligently, where money did not become his primary concern. His time and efforts have definitely not gone unnoticed, and we wish him everything of the best in his future endeavours.”

– Caxton News Service


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