KZN woman gives birth on backseat of taxi

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

An ordinary afternoon turned into an extraordinary day for passengers in a taxi after one of the passengers went into labour and delivered her baby in the backseat of the taxi in Phoenix, KwaZulu-Natal.

Phoenix resident and former taxi owner, Dickson Muthal, 65, was in the taxi on when the incident unfolded this past weekend, Phoenix Sun reported.

“I normally sit in the backseat, but on this occasion the pregnant passenger took the seat. and I sat in the middle seat in front,” Muthal explained.

While the taxi was en route to its destination, passengers heard a woman suddenly cry out in pain.

“People asked the taxi to pull over, and within minutes we suddenly heard a baby screaming. The passenger had given birth right there on the backseat,” Muthal said.

The stunned passengers immediately began assisting the woman in the birth while the taxi took a detour to a local clinic where the mother and her newborn received further help.

“We were all so relieved that the mother and baby appeared to be healthy despite the delivery in an unusual spot. After mother and child left the taxi, we all got back in and continued our journey home,” he said.

“Everyone was excited about being a part of something so special. I never thought that something like that could ever happen in a taxi,” Muthal added.

Last month, a motorist in KwaZulu-Natal performed midwife duties when a teenage girl gave birth in the front seat of her car.

Cindy Botha was travelling through the Wentworth area with her nine-year-old daughter when she noticed a young woman limping along the side of the road. The woman, believed to be about 18-years-old, told Botha she was in labour before getting into the car.

Botha said she rushed to Wentworth Hospital after noticing the baby’s head was visible.

“By the time we got [to the hospital] and the nurses arrived, we had run out of time. The baby boy was born on the front seat of my car less than a minute later.”

– Caxton News Service


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