Sandton police officer accused of sexual harassment

Police are looking for a head of a headless man.

Police are looking for a head of a headless man.

Sandton police are investigating one of their own after a resident accused an on-duty officer at the station of sexual harassment.

The alleged incident took place on Wednesday morning at the station in the north of Johannesburg. The Sandton resident, who wished to remain anonymous, made her way to the Sandton police station to report a motor vehicle accident, Sandton Chronicle reported.

While she was filling in the forms at the station’s client service centre, the officer allegedly asked her if she was married before making a sexual gesture with his thumb and fingers, asking: “Do you want a bit of this?”

After ignoring him, he allegedly repeated his advance until she left.

Sandton police spokesperson Colonel Gonaseelan Govender said they would be working closely with the resident and would investigate the incident. Govender added the station did not condone the officer’s alleged behaviour.

This after a Pretoria man laid charges of sexual assault against a female police officer after she allegedly forced her hands down his pants. The man, Hashim Consalves, a member of the Sector 1 Community Policing Forum, said he was recording two officers sleeping in their police vehicle while on duty. He said he still had his phone in his hand when he knocked on their car window, waking the officers.

“The female officer flung the car door open, and it slammed into me. I hid the phone in my underwear to prevent her from taking it, but she forced her hands into my underwear and took the memory card out of the phone,” Consalves added.

– Caxton News Service


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