Doppio Zero roach debacle customer speaks out

The picture that was posted on the Doppio Zero Facebook Page. Pic: Facebook

The picture that was posted on the Doppio Zero Facebook Page. Pic: Facebook

A woman who posted a picture of insects thought to be cockroaches at the Doppio Zero in Sandton City over the weekend has spoken out over the incident.

Roselyn Seodi, who allegedly discovered insects on her table at the popular eatery, claimed her boyfriend spilled some of the milkshake she was drinking when at least five insects crawled out from the middle of the table, City Buzz reported.

“We called our waiter, who went to call the manager. The manager came to us to explain that the guy who puts [down] the pesticides comes every two weeks, and he thanked us for bringing it to his attention,” she said.

“Once we were moved to a different table, the manager didn’t come and check on us or apologise. They just wiped the ‘bug table’ and put a new couple at the same table, which was disgusting,” she added.

Seodi said she took pictures of the insects to show her friends what had happened, and after being persuaded by a colleague, she posted the pictures on Facebook.

She claimed that since posting the pictures, she has received a call from the same manager who was present on the day of the incident. She added it was only after she had posted the pictures that the staff at Doppio Zero offered her a voucher. However, she claims that she was offered nothing on the day.

“I was promised that they will ensure that it never happens again so at least future customers will not experience bugs during a meal out,” she concluded.

Director of Operations at Doppio Zero’s head office, Ivan Walsh, said: “The incident has been bought to our attention and was addressed while the customer was still there, and we have apologised to her.”

He went on to say that the bugs were cockroaches, but are a garden variety beetle that is unfortunately found in the plants located outside the restaurant.

“The insects are not kitchen or hygiene related. We are actively working to eradicate them,” Walsh said.

– Caxton News Service


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