Masego Seemela
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8 Jun 2015
5:20 pm

VIDEO: Armed robbery of Jacqui O’Sullivan

Masego Seemela

Video footage of Telkom executive Jacqui O’Sullivan being robbed at gunpoint at her home in Craighall, Johannesburg, has emerged.

A screen grab of the CCTV footage from Jaqui 'O Sullivan's house depicting the robbery. Photo: Twitter/Jaqui O' Sullivan

O’Sullivan was reportedly fetching her four-year-old son from school when three armed men in a white BMW pulled up in her driveway on Thursday, June 4, Rosebank Killarney Gazette reported.

Jacqui O’Sullivan, the wife of renowned radio presenter David O’Sullivan, was reportedly robbed of jewellery worth about R20 000, including her wedding ring. The incident was recorded on their home’s security cameras and shows at least two suspects approaching her home in the vehicle. The suspects, one of them armed, alighted from the car and ran on to the premises.

One of the suspects is seen threatening to shoot the O’Sullivans’ dog. The suspects then run out of the property before fleeing.
This is the second time O’Sullivan has been robbed at her home in Craighall. The first robbery took place 18 months ago. The handyman at the house, who witnessed the robbery, pressed the panic button to set off the house alarm.

“I am completely frustrated, no matter what you do there is always crime. The sad part is that people buy those stolen goods with no regard that a life was put in jeopardy when obtaining those goods,” David O’Sullivan said.

“I believe that it is up to us as citizens to take responsibility and not buy stolen goods because by doing so, you’re also contributing to crime. We need to be ethical and have some moral sense as a nation,” he added.

According to ADT district manager David Myers, the suspects have not yet been apprehended and police were still investigating the incident.

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