Women ‘assault’ victim with knuckledusters

Picture: Thinkstock.

Picture: Thinkstock.

Two women who allegedly brutally assaulted a Ladanna woman in Polokwane with knuckledusters and robbed her were allowed to walk off without any questions by the police officials responding to the scene, in spite of the two suspects being pointed out to them.

Natasha Burger claimed she was on her way to an ATM on Witklip Street in Ladanna when the assault occurred on Monday.

She said two women approached her from across the road. “They demanded my cellphone, and then one woman started hitting me in the face. She wore knuckledusters, and I immediately started bleeding badly,” Burger said.

“I gave my full cooperation, and they had no reason to assault me, but the women just kept hitting me.”

Burger said a crowd of onlookers gathered around them, and she managed to take her cellphone back from one of the women. “The two women simply walked away as if nothing had happened,” she said. Burger suffered bruises to her legs and several cuts and wounds to her face. She also has difficulty using her left eye since the attack.

According to Burger, the police proved to be of little help to her. “Two police officials showed up, and I pointed out the women who attacked me. The officials simply left without even questioning my attackers. I could not lay a charge immediately because I had to go to hospital for stitches.

“Considering that I am still waiting for the police to follow up about two other incidents of crime that I reported almost a year ago, I don’t see how laying a charge this time would help me,” she said.

Polokwane police spokesperson Captain Ntobeng Phala said Burger should open a case with the police, and officials could then investigate and react accordingly.

“We cannot simply go around arresting people just because they are pointed out by somebody else. Only when a police official sees a crime being committed or when a case is opened can we step in,” he explained.

He said police officials who did not respond to residents’ calls for help would be dealt with accordingly. He added when there was a situation where police did not assist, people should take note of the vehicle registration number and the vehicle number on the back to make sure the police officials concerned were brought to book.

– Caxton News Service

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