Anna Robertson
1 minute read
28 May 2015
2:46 pm

Stolen cattle hacked with homemade tool – SPCA

Anna Robertson

Eight cows were found hacked in Slovo Park, Springs, on the East Rand after reportedly being stolen yesterday.

Several Slovo Park community members assisting the Springs SPCA in getting the cows out of the trench. Pic: Springs Advertiser

Springs SPCA inspector Liezel Kruger, who responded to the scene, said the tool used to cut the animals’ shins was homemade. She explained the men chased the cattle into an area where they could not escape, and proceeded to hack them, Springs Advertiser reported.

“They slaughtered two cows and left the others in agony,” Kruger said.

One of the cows was pregnant and died on the scene. She believes it succumbed to its injuries.

Warning: Contains graphic content

The owner of the cows, Mduduzi Dhlamini’s suspicions were raised after he was told only two cows and their two calves were in the kraal. While investigating, he was informed about two men who were selling meat from a wheelbarrow in Slovo Park.

Dhlamini went to investigate and asked the men if they had more meat. The two men, accompanied by three others, took him to the area where they had slaughtered some of the cattle. It was then that he saw his other cows in a nearby trench. They had been hacked at the shins.

“Now they are gone and I only have the four left that came home on Tuesday night,” he said.

The remaining cows had to be shot on the scene by Kruger and meat inspector Esrom Maluka. According to Maluka, nothing else could be done to help them.

The carcasses were taken to a nearby abattoir for investigation. If it is found that the meat is edible, it will be sold and the money will be given to Dhlamini.

Four of the suspects were apprehended by Dhlamini and his friends and handed over to police. The fifth suspect is still at large.

– Caxton News Service