Sasha Planting
1 minute read
24 Apr 2015
11:19 am

Pioneer targets healthy food

Sasha Planting

Hot on the heels of its acquisition of Nigeria's Butterfield Bakeries, Pioneer Foods has acquired half of FutureLife – a food company best known for its range of healthy cereals – for an undisclosed sum.

High protein pack shot Photo: FutureLife

FutureLife, headquartered in Durban, is one of South Africa’s fastest growing healthy food companies, and was formed in 2008 by accountant-cum-serial entrepreneur Paul Saad, brother to Stephen, founder and CEO of Aspen Pharmacare.

“Every man and his dog was knocking at their door – including international players,” says Pioneer Foods CEO Phil Roux. “But you do deals with people and we formed a good relationship with Paul.”

Initially the company started as a social project with the aim to produce a tasty, low cost nutritional product that could be used to supplement the diets of malnourished and disadvantaged people. Soon it became apparent that the products had a far broader appeal.

Although the FutureLife products are sold alongside other cereals, their smooth formulation means they can also be blended into shakes and smoothies. The product range has expanded to

include crunchy cereals and smart bars which can be consumed on the run.