EFF ‘pawns’ of western governments – Mbete

ANC chairperson and National Assembly speaker Baleka Mbete has warned that the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) may move to provincial legislatures and municipalities next, the Mail&Guardian online reported on Saturday.

Addressing the party in the North West’s eighth provincial congress in her capacity as one of the African National Congress’s top six officials, she said: “Don’t ever think what’s happening in Parliament has got nothing to do with you in branches.

“Those thugs there are going to come to provinces to run a similar campaign, not only in legislatures but also in municipalities.

“You must teach our children not to be misled by those wearing red overalls. Those people (EFF) are not working with people of this country alone, they are pawns in a bigger scheme of things where some western governments are involved”.

She said the EFF wanted to “collapse Parliament” and force an early election.

“They want to take this country so that they must take over the mines and share them with friends they were seen gallivanting with in Europe,” Mbete was quoted as saying.

She encouraged ANC deployees to work hard saying reportedly: “If we don’t work we will continue to have cockroaches like Malema roaming all over the place”.