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8 Oct 2019
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South African music lovers excited for the Ubunifu Space tour

Kaunda Selisho

As of next month, Bryan, Monique, David, Sade and Ian will spend time meeting with creatives and establishing lasting connections with their SA viewers.

Ubunifu Space team | Image: Supplied

In recent years, music review YouTube channels have boomed and few have been as successful on the African continent as London-based YouTube channel, The Ubunifu Space.

Made up of two teams in London and Nairobi, the channel has amassed a loyal following of nearly 200,000 subscribers and close to 30 million views on their YouTube channel, along with over 50,000 followers across all social media platforms.

A staggering number of those subscribers are based in South Africa and fans owe this to their relatable reactions to the biggest songs and artists in Africa and Africans in the diaspora since 2017.

The channel features five to six vloggers of African descent who get together on a regular basis to listen to songs and watch music videos of the latest hits from across the continent. The began their foray into South African music by reviewing videos from the nation’s biggest stars and soon found themselves delving into genres such as Gqom and Kwaito after suggestions made by their viewers.

As of next month, Bryan (Kenya), Monique (Zimbabwe/Cameroon), David (Ghana), Sade (Nigeria), and Ian (Uganda) will spend time meeting with creatives, visiting local historic and cultural landmarks and establishing lasting connections with their locally-based online community. They also aim to help build and create links for Africans from inside and outside the continent.

Ubunifu Space team | Image: Supplied

Their official African tour has been dubbed #UBUONTOUR and fans can use the hashtag to follow all the updates on the tour.

“Music has obviously been a great export of Africa in the past, but there is so much more coming out from young creatives on the continent, and we would love to showcase the work to the UK, and the world,” said the team in a statement.

#UBUONTOUR will be visiting South Africa from November 27 – 12 December 12, 2019, and they will also be headed to Kenya.

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