Marc Ashton
1 minute read
12 Apr 2014
6:00 am

Business bites: the week that was

Marc Ashton

This is what caught the eye of the Business team this week.

Image courtesy AFP

Give that man … a pizza?

CEOs often bemoan the fact that they don’t get sufficient opportunities to engage with their shareholders and expand on their corporate strategies.

However social media platforms, including Twitter, are pro-ving a real game changer and some are seeing it as a great platform to communicate to the market.

This was perfectly highlighted this week when Taste Holdings CEO Carlo Gonzaga entered into an online discussion relating to the state of the South African pizza market.

Gonzaga used the opportunity to explain what Taste Holdings was thinking around the purchase of the master licence for Domino’s Pizza in South Africa and the different types of pizza that South Africans favoured.

It is a pity that one of South Africa’s more entrepreneurial CEOs only has 108 followers on Twitter.

Don’t be hating Woolies

Shares in retailer Woolworths Holdings were hit hard following the announcement that the group would pay R21.4 billion to acquire Australian retailer David Jones.

While the shares have been sold down, not everybody is convinced it was a bad deal.

FNB Securities told clients: “While the price appears to be fairly rich, Woolworths’ management has a strong history of success in the Australian clothing retail market and we believe that this was a well-considered decision.

“It is important to note that Woolworths’ business model appears to be better suited to developed markets and further geographical diversification is therefore welcomed.”