News 17.7.2017 08:15 pm

North West man nabbed for rape, murder

Picture: Stock image

Picture: Stock image

He allegedly stabbed a 34-year-old man several times on Saturday.

A 35-year-old man, wanted in connection with murder and rape in Lethabong near Rustenburg was arrested, North West police said on Monday.

Lieutenant Colonel Pelonomi Makau said the man handed himself to the police on Sunday night, after a manhunt was launched for him.

He allegedly stabbed a 34-year-old man several times  on Saturday.

According to the police three men and two women left a tavern and went to one of the women’s house. Upon arrival there  was an argument  between two men. One man was stabbed on his back several times. He died on the scene.

The perpetrator then threatened  one of the women with a knife and took her to his place where he allegedly raped her.

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