Gauteng proposes a ‘win-win’ approach for ANC leadership election

ANC treasurer-general Paul Mashatile

ANC treasurer-general Paul Mashatile

A ‘winner takes all’ situation could see the party losing the 2019 general elections, says Mashatile.

The election of ANC leadership at the upcoming December national conference should not be about a “winner takes all” approach, Gauteng ANC chairman Paul Mashatile said on Friday.

A “winner takes all” situation could see the party losing the 2019 general elections, he said.

“We should rather strive for a win-win situation, as winner-takes-all approach can lead to the destruction of the ANC, and this also poses a danger of us losing the 2019 general elections,” Mashatile told delegates at the conference.

“It is therefore incumbent upon all ANC members to do everything in our power to emerge from that conference with a leadership that is united behind a common vision … and is able to lead our people to the national democratic society.”

Mashatile has already endorsed Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa to succeed President Jacob Zuma in December. He threw his weight behind Ramaphosa at the West Rand regional policy conference last week, adding that he supported the ANC traditional process of the deputy president succeeding the outgoing president.

Ramaphosa and former African Union Commission chairwoman Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma are frontrunners for the African National Congress presidency.

To ensure the survival of the ANC and unity, the governing party should ensure that it elects leadership that “must protect the state from various forms of state capture, fight corruption and ensure good governance”, Makhura added. Furthermore, he said, such new leadership should also be of a “generational mix” and not just be members of the ANC.

“We must elect a leadership that will win the confidence of South Africans beyond just members of the ANC. We should also elect a leadership collective that is composed of different generations including the fearless former exiles, the class of June 16 and the Indomitable Young Lions,” he said to loud applause.

“This leadership must be composed of women and men, young and old… of integrity and who will be able to address the challenges facing our organisation. They must be leaders who are selfless and lead with humility… but brave enough to protect the gains of our revolution. In short, they must lead without fear or favour.”

He added that there were people who advocate for the Freedom Charter but are outside the ANC, and that such people should be convinced to join the governing party.

The provincial conference follows regional conferences held across the province in the past few days.


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