Hanna Barry
1 minute read
2 Apr 2014
6:00 am

Surapure investors waiting for the light

Hanna Barry

Investors in SuraPure Drinks Pty (Ltd) will know more today about the status of their investments in the micro-retailer whose account was frozen by FNB after an unusually high volume of transactions raised the bank's suspicions.

Image courtesy stock.xchnge (KillR-B)

In a letter e-mailed to members on Monday, SuraPure said it was waiting for its lawyers to complete their paperwork and would give them the “exact feedback and court date, if possible” today.

Last week, SuraPure said it was considering an urgent application against FNB to have its bank account unfrozen, after a letter to the bank from its lawyers failed to achieve this.

SuraPure has assured investors they will not lose their money.

SuraPure is continuing to deliver stock to its macro-retailer investors who resell the stock; while micro-retail investors are those who have given SuraPure money on the basis that it will sell stock on their behalf.

Investors’ profits continue to reflect on SuraPure’s website. But they are yet to appear in any bank accounts because SuraPure’s account has been frozen.

Cornelius van der Merwe, SuraPure’s director who had links to the fraudulent NaxaInvest and Defencex schemes did not answer his cellphone. SuraPure declined to comment.

SuraPure’s lawyers, Schindlers Attorneys, have not responded to telephone messages or emails.

Meanwhile, a Facebook page named “We want our money back SURAPURE Drinks” was set up on March 29, and has 19 followers.

The Mabule Group website, which last week was advertising SuraPure as a Mabule Group Micro Retailer, has renamed the product Surapure Drinks.