WATCH: Man robbed by ‘former employee’

Screen-grab: The man arrives.

Screen-grab: The man arrives.

The unknown assailants forced the victim to face the wall, tied him and beat him up before stealing money from the safe.

The owner of The Gas Company in Centurion was recently attacked in his office by two men, one suspected to be his former employee.

The victim, Brett Cohen, said the men broke into his premises around 6.10am on December 2, attacked him and tied him up, Rekord Centurion reported.

“The unknown assailants forced me to face the wall, tied me up and beat me; one broke open and stole money from the safe,” Cohen said.

He said the whole ordeal lasted about 15 minutes but he was able to free himself after the attackers left.

He said apart from the cash, the men also stole four cellphones and a computer.

CCTV footage showed the men entering through the front gate and later the front door of the building.

It also showed them leaving carrying money bags.

Cohen said he later learned one man was the 26-year-old employee who had started working there earlier in the year as a general worker and driver.

Cohen said a security guard had told him one of the men had asked for the keys to the front gate from him.

“The back section of the property is guarded while the front is unlocked by the management when it arrives in the morning but the guard has the spare key.”

He said the guard had told him the man convinced him he had urgent work to complete hence he needed the key.

“The police were called and dusted for fingerprints, but unfortunately none were found because the men wore gloves.”

Cohen said the footage, which Rekord has seen, was shown to the police, who were still investigating.

“No arrests have been made, but one of the detectives claims he has phoned the employee, who denies any involvement.”

The spokesperson for the Wierdabrug police, Captain Agnes Huma, said the men could not be located and were still at large.

– Caxton News Service

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