Uber driver attacked while taking a couple home

Picture: AFP

Picture: AFP

A group of men allegedly ran to the vehicle and started banging on the door, asking the driver if the car was an Uber.

An Uber driver was threatened, pulled out of the car and attacked by a group of men while driving a local couple home after a night out in Ballito, Durban.

The recently engaged Jayden Blesovsky and Megan White were picked up by an Uber at Irish Oak just after midnight on Sunday when the driver was forced to stop, North Coast Courier reported.

“A big man stood in the road and stopped the car near Crush. Two or three other men ran to the car and started banging on the door, asking the driver if this is an Uber.

“I told the driver to say he is private, which he did,” said Blesovsky.

He said the men walked away and the driver kept going, but a couple of metres down the road, a silver Hilux doublecab pulled up in front of them, forcing the driver to stop again.

“Another car stopped behind us and about eight guys got out of the two cars and charged at the driver’s door. I grabbed my fiancé, and we made a run for it. Luckily a friend of mine, Michael Pearce, lives in the road, so we jumped over his fence.”

Meanwhile, the Uber driver was reportedly badly beaten up by the men, who eventually drove away.

The couple went back outside to check on the driver, and Brad Hort from Mozambik restaurant was on his way home and “saw us standing on the pavement and gave us a lift home”.

Blesovsky said he had spoken to the driver since the incident and that the driver said he was safe and not too seriously injured.

– Caxton News Service

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