Reitumetse Mahope
1 minute read
25 Nov 2016
9:31 am

Bogus cop calls motorists to come collect ‘their stolen cars’

Reitumetse Mahope

After making the required payment to come collect the car, the victims realise their woes are far from over.

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Police have warned motorists of a fake police officer reportedly defrauding motorists in Pretoria by spinning them a yarn that he has recovered their stolen vehicles.

Brooklyn police spokesperson Captain Colette Weilbach said the person phoned motorists who had reported their cars stolen or hijacked to tell them the car had been recovered and could be collected after a release payment had been made.

Weilbach said after payment, the officer vanished, and his phone number was no longer active, Rekord East reported.

“Sometimes the so-called ‘police officer’ asks for airtime to call back after all arrangements [for collection] have been finalised,” she said.

Weilbach said several cases of fraud had been reported to police stations in Brooklyn, Garsfontein, Lyttelton, Pretoria Moot, Villieria, Sunnyside and Silverton.

“Police are busy with an investigation and are doing everything in their power to get to the bottom of this, especially to establish how the person obtained details of the victims [of crime],” she said.

She reiterated that when a stolen vehicle was recovered, the owner was invited to go to the pound and bring proof of ownership.

“No payment is required by the police pound,” she stressed.

Weilbach said the owner could also appoint an insurance company to collect the vehicle from the pound if there was any damage to the vehicle.

She urged residents to assist the police to fight fraud and corruption.

“Report any suspicious person or vehicle [especially without number plates] to the police immediately by phoning the 10111 emergency number.”

– Caxton News Service