Pitbull pups ‘stolen’ from yard in Kempton Park

EIGHT-month-old Poppy has been missing for five days.

EIGHT-month-old Poppy has been missing for five days.

Two bags were recovered in the yard containing a substance that appeared to be offal.

A reward is offered to anyone with information that will lead to finding two pitbulls that went missing five days ago in Birch Acres, Kempton Park, on the East Rand.

The male and female pitbulls, Poppy and Bhoris, were stolen from the yard of their owners, Tsholofelo Mosala, 25, and Mfundo Sithole, 29, on Krombek Street, Kempton Express reported.

The pups are eight months old.

“We bought the house in April, and at the same time, we bought the dogs. I feel like someone came in and stole my kids,” said Mosala.

The family of four went to bed on Friday night after feeding their pets, not knowing that was the last time they would be seeing them.

“I woke up on Saturday morning and went to work. My husband then called to say he couldn’t find the dogs. I told him to look in the house but still nothing. We are new to the neighbourhood and don’t know where to start looking,” she added.

Poppy and Bhoris were stolen in the early hours of Saturday morning, October 22, according to a security guard, who saw the alleged suspect carrying the white male pitbull Bhoris while dragging the black female pup, Poppy.

Behind their home is an open stretch of veld and not far from that is an informal settlement behind Mooifontein Cemetery. This is where the security guard spotted the dogs with the thief.


Sithole went to the informal settlement to investigate, but to no avail.

“No one would talk, they would literally ignore him or run away,” she said.

“Our son was away over the weekend, and I had to explain to him that their best friends were gone. Our daughter was with me that very morning when I started looking for the dogs. They are very hurt by the situation, just as hurt as my wife was when I told her the news on Saturday morning when she was at work,” she added.

Sithole said they had not thought of going to the police following a previous incident they had where police failed to assist.

A few weeks ago, Mosala said they suspected Bhoris had been poisoned.

“He seemed a bit weak, and there was a white slimy substance coming from his mouth. We gave him something, and he regained his strength,” she said.

Two bags were recovered in the yard containing a substance that appeared to be offal. In the one bag was stale offal and the other fresh, which Mosala thinks was used to lure the canines.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the two pups may contact Mosala or Sithole on 071-891-4889 or 073-463-1015.

– Caxton News Service

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