Ramaupi Makgoo
1 minute read
19 Oct 2016
3:49 pm

VIDEO: Pretoria pharmacy robbed in suspected inside job

Ramaupi Makgoo

The pharmacy owner suspects someone who works at the pharmacy might have helped the men gain access to the building.

Screen-grab: The suspects roams in the streets near the pharmacy

An undisclosed amount of money was stolen from Castle Ridge pharmacy in Pretoria.

The pharmacy owner, Hannes Snyman, said the money was taken from two safes in the pharmacy on Monday, Rekord East reported.

The two burglars can be seen walking around the shop for about two hours.

“They came in at about 2am and took money from the two safes that were in the pharmacy. Luckily, we do not keep much cash here, as most of our transactions are done through bank cards.”

Snyman said he suspected someone who worked at the pharmacy might have helped the men gain access to the building.

“Look, these are highly sophisticated criminals; they first managed to tamper with the main camera of the building and gained access into the building through the rooftop. I suspect it might have been an inside job because even the CCTV camera that recorded them was the hidden one, all the others were tampered with.”

Snyman said no other items were stolen from the pharmacy.

“They only took the money that was in the safe; they didn’t destroy anything or steal our computers, it looks like they were only looking for money.”

A case of theft is being investigated by the police.

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