Daleen van Manen
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19 Oct 2016
12:51 pm

‘God commands you to open the door,’ farm attackers say, one gets shot

Daleen van Manen

The robbers were trying to force the front door open, while another threw a brick through the bathroom window.

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A robber was shot during an attempted farm attack in De Wildt, Hartbeespoort, after the family fought for more than 30 minutes to keep three armed men out of the house.

Hannes Jacobs, 34, his fiancée, Leandra, 29, his pregnant sister-in-law Irene, 28, and two children, aged five and six, were having coffee around the kitchen table at about 1pm on Tuesday when they heard male voices outside, Kormorant reported.

“I knew something was wrong, and I ran to lock the front door,” said Hannes.

“I looked through the window and saw three men outside. I told the women to stay in the kitchen. They knocked on the door and told me to open up. I went to the bedroom to silence the radio, and the next moment the curtains were pulled away, and I was looking at a 9mm pistol.”

He fell to the ground and made his way back to the women and children and told them to hide in another room.

In the meantime, some of the robbers were trying to force the front door open, and another threw a brick through the bathroom window.

Hannes rushed to the front door to try and prevent it from being broken down.

“I grabbed my cellphone and called for help on our neighbourhood WhatsApp group.

“I knew I had to keep the robbers out of the house until help arrives. I was pushing the door closed from the inside to prevent it from bursting open. The robber then put a pitchfork through the window next to the front door and told me: ‘God commands you to open the door.’ I started talking back to him, repeating everything he said. But I needed help with the door, and I called Leandra to help me,” added Hannes.

“I then saw the robber take a few steps back as if to storm the door, and I braced myself, but the next moment I heard a shot, and I saw a man fall,” Hannes said.

A neighbour who had heard the emergency call had immediately responded.

“He came across the three men trying to get into the house, and when one stormed him with a pitchfork, he fired a shot that hit the robber in the arm. The other two ran away.”

Residents, members of the De Wildt community policing forum and the police were on the scene shortly after.

“The wounded robber was arrested by the Mmakau police. The other two are still at large,” said De Wildt CPF secretary Elanie van der Merwe.

“The children were extremely traumatised, and we want to thank Cindy Brussouw and Bernese van Rooyen who immediately came to the scene to council the victims.”

Police are looking for the other two suspects.

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