‘Polo gang’ targets joggers and walkers

‘Polo gang’ targets joggers and walkers

The armed gang is said to use a red VW Polo.

Durban North police has warned joggers and walkers to be vigilant and avoid walking alone.

This comes after two kidnappings and assaults by an armed gang using a red VW Polo, Northglen News reported.

Last Friday, a Durban North resident in his 20s was abducted, drugged and assaulted by a group of armed men.

Two men wearing balaclavas grabbed him and pulled him into the car while he was out walking near Norrie Crescent.

Police spokesperson Captain Raymond Deokaran said police were pursuing all leads to track down the gang.

“The gang have also been implicated in the kidnapping and sexual assault of a 20-year-old student. We are concerned that this gang has been linked to two serious crimes in the area.

“We have alerted our patrol vehicles. We are urging residents walking and running in the area to try, where possible, to run with a group and to avoid isolating themselves,” he said.

– Caxton News Service


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