Charles Cilliers
1 minute read
26 Sep 2016
2:37 pm

Apology to Balmoral College

Charles Cilliers

Right of reply to headmaster and school.

On August 26 2016, The Citizen published an online article that was an update on a prior article written in part about Johannesburg private school Balmoral College and its principal, Josias Wium.

The article dealt with the complaints of teachers alleging they were “interrogated” by the principal over who had been talking to the media.

The Citizen failed to offer the school and the principal, Josias Wium, right to reply. This was an oversight on the part of this website, and done without intentional prejudice. Had we contacted the school, they would have replied that it would have been impossible for the headmaster to have spoken to his teachers on that day, as he says he went to the dentist.

We regret the error and have taken down the article in question.