Mandlakayise Hlatshwayo
1 minute read
16 Sep 2016
11:54 am

Taxi owner shot 29 times at Joburg’s Bara taxi rank

Mandlakayise Hlatshwayo

Two more men were injured and taken to the hospital.

Picture: Thinkstock

Police have launched a manhunt after a taxi owner from Faraday Taxi Association in Johannesburg was shot multiple times, while two more men were injured at Bara taxi rank.

Meadowlands police spokesperson Octavia Thebe confirmed a taxi owner from Faraday taxi association got shot 29 times on Thursday and was declared dead, and two more men were injured and taken to the hospital.

He added three men were wanted for murder and attempted murder, Soweto Urban reported.

Taxi driver Lebese Makwoae said: “I was in the taxi rank and one man arrived, and the first three shots were fired, followed by numerous shots.”

Thebe urged anyone with any information on this case to report it to the police.

Investigations are ongoing.

– Caxton News Service